Becoming Laconic


What is Laconism?

“Laconic” refers to a person, speech, or style of writing that uses very few words. The phrase is derived from Laconia, the land of the ancient Spartans, who were known for this minimalist style of communication.

The benefits of brevity

Less to decipher allows your audience to easily recognize important information. Speaking with clarity and conviction will get better results than vague concepts and noise.

How to master Laconism

You can practice clear communication by public speaking, writing, and using Twitter. In all these, be sure to ask for feedback and consider to what your audience has to say. Due to the post length restrictions enforced by Twitter, it forces brevity. The best communicators on Twitter use creativity to say more with less words. I currently don’t use twitter because of the distraction, but I can see the benefit in this area.

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